Images of Text

Understanding WCAG2.0

There is a mechanism that extracts alt from images and replaces them with images using JavaScript etc.

For the purpose of visual design importance, we may make images of global menus and headlines as images, but because the characters that are imaged lose various benefits (copy and paste, machine translation, scaling etc.) , You should not use it much.

Basically, "Images of text" is not recommended because there are users who are hard to use, but if it is not possible to express visual effects with CSS, it is better to use Images of text as 1.4.5 (However, "alt" is necessary because "Images of text").

Understanding WCAG 2.0 defines logos, font samples, etc. as "essential visual effect", which is clear and easy to understand, but for example, "I want to display with antialiasing in any environment" I really want to express this heading with this font by all means "It seems that it is good to say" it is not possible to express visual effects with CSS ".

Do not forget alt as it is a method that is often used in important places, such as placing banner images for appealing effects (links), or when you want particular headlines to stand out (structure) in particular.

There is a stricter 1-4-9a success criterion, there is no exceptional measure there. In other words, unless various conditions are satisfied, it is necessary to express the visual effect which should not use the imaged letters other than the logo, the typeface sample, etc. in the range that can be implemented by CSS etc., It will be.

If you are able to replace Images of text with text information in JavaScript etc. so that it can be treated as text or foreground color, background color, size etc. of Images of text, whatever user agent (ie server side ) If a function that allows users to freely change is provided, 1.4.5 also meets 1.4.9.

Principle Perceivable Information and user interface components must be presentable to users in ways they can perceive.
Guideline Distinguishable Make it easier for users to see and hear content including separating foreground from background.
Criterion Images of Text
(1.4.5 AA)
When the intended visual presentation is possible with the technology being used, text, not a text image, is used for information transmission.

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