Understanding WCAG2.0

Actually, if you meet 2-1-1a, you pass this success criterion, but in many cases it will inadvertently write and there are times when it may be a fatal implementation in keyboard operation, so check it individually. be careful.

If it is inevitable at "specific timing" such as a driving simulator, it can be said that it is the essence of contents.

In 1.1.1, if the element that receives the control is not accessible, it will be conformance by setting an explanation. "Driving Simulator" in this section is also the subject, so please give an explanation on what kind of component it is in accordance with 1.1.1.

Principle Operable User interface components and navigation must be operable.
Guideline Keyboard Accessible Make all functionality available from a keyboard.
Criterion Keyboard
(2.1.1 A)
All functions of the content can be operated through the keyboard interface without requiring specific timing for individual keystrokes. However, except when the fundamental function is realized depending on a series of trajectories continuing from the start point to the end point by the action of the user.

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