Timing Adjustable

Understanding WCAG2.0

If you need to set a time limit for content, the following consideration of Success Criterion 2.2.1 is required. Whether the time limit is sufficiently long (20 hours), the time limit can be canceled, the time limit can be adjusted to 10 times or more, the time can be extended, and the time limit must be inevitable for the contents (auction Etc).

"Limited time" does not cover operation only. When there is a carousel, this is the time limit when you have to read the contents while the carousel switches automatically.

Also be careful when you have movies and audios. There are users that also make it difficult to recognize these by setting a time limit.

For movies, audios, carousels, it is difficult to think about measures to extend or adjust the time limit, but if you can pause and resume it, you will meet this success criterion (G4). As for carousel, please note that similar items are achieved in 2.2.2 and level A can not be acquired unless the user can stop.

Please do not specify redirect etc. by refresh of meta element because it restricts time to read by user.

Principle Operable User interface components and navigation must be operable.
Guideline Enough Time Provide users enough time to read and use content.
Criterion Timing Adjustable
(2.2.1 A)
There is consideration when setting time limit for content.

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