Consistent Identification

Understanding WCAG2.0

Links and buttons that provide the same function must be consistent in the set of web pages. This success criterion is easy to overlook. Even labels that seem almost self-evident, if they are not strictly consistent, can not meet this success criterion. In the case of nonconforming cases, the "find" button and the "search" button provide the same function, but this is not good because of different labels.

Even when the link destination is the same and the link character string is different, it is also the target of attention (G 197). It seems that it is NG that the link destination of the inquiry page is "Contact" or "Contact Us page".

Also, the link to the top page of a set of web pages may be "top", "to the top page", or the site name. Let's avoid notating the notation of these links within the content.

It is a relatively common implementation that the logo image with the site name alt at the top of the page is the top page link. Also, at the same time, the link to the top page of breadcrumbs is often not a site name. Although the interpretation may be shaking, it is guaranteed consistency of the function "go to the top page when you click the site name logo" and the consistency of the function "let's go to the top page with the top in breadcrumbs" It is considered that this string does not have to match if it is done. See "Example 3:Consistent references to other pages" of "Understanding SC 3.2.4".

By the way, please also check 2.4.9. In this "Contact" example, this item is not satisfied because the labels do not match, but in terms of "understanding the function of the link" required in 2.4.9, there is no problem I will.

For example, it is dangerous from the point of view of 2.4.9 to think that the "link for reading article details" is a consistent label "here".

Principle Understandable Information and the operation of user interface must be understandable.
Guideline Predictable Make Web pages appear and operate in predictable ways.
Criterion Consistent Identification
(3.2.4 AA)
Components having the same function in a set of web pages can be consistently identified.

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