Labels or Instructions

Understanding WCAG2.0

Provide information to users in an easy-to-understand manner as to where and when to ask the user for input to the form. It is even better to provide it in a way interpretable by the program. Specifically, by linking each form element with a label element, it is possible to create a form that is easy to use even for visually impaired people.

Also, it is preferable to include descriptions and case examples of input, but if you do too much you will get in the way, so make it concise.

When there is a required item, it is necessary to provide information in an easy-to-understand manner what is required.

When writing descriptions and examples at the time of input, there is less mistake for users of screen readers who are linearly acquiring information by describing them before entry fields.

Principle Understandable Information and the operation of user interface must be understandable.
Guideline Input Assistance Help users avoid and correct mistakes.
Criterion Labels or Instructions
(3.3.2 A)
When content requests input from the user, a label or explanatory text is provided.

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