Notes for securing accessibility with "non-text content (movies and audios)" (Level AAA)

Understanding WCAG2.0

Common:When there is audio content, please ensure enough difference between background sound and foreground sound (1-4-7b). Also, background sound mute is required (1-4-7c).

Audio-only(Prerecorded):Same as Level A.

Audio-only (Live):Prepare accurate alternative content (1-2-9a).

Video-only(Prerecorded):Provide Extended audio description (1-2-7a). Prepare accurate alternative content (1-2-8a).

Synchronized media(Prerecorded):Provide sign language interpretation (1-2-6a) and extended audio description (1-2-7a) and prepare accurate alternative content (1-2-8a).

Synchronized media(Live):Same as Level AA.